Thursday, February 11, 2010

Prank Calling: It's Not Just For Non-Super Stars Anymore

Considering that I have been in school or working pretty much all of my life...I have never been much of a daytime TV watcher. With that in mind, I can probably count on both hands the number of times I've watched Oprah Winfrey over the years. Still, the fact that I've never been a fan of her show doesn't prevent me from following the timeless piece of wisdom that:

"When Oprah Calls...You Answer."

At least, I TRY.

You see, Oprah calls me from time to time here at work, but every time I answer...there's nobody there. The first time it happened, I thought for sure that the call had been dropped but that she would call back because she had heard about my awesomeness, (I mean, it's all over the grapevine) and she really wanted to give me my big break. (My big break into what? I don't know. But it's Oprah. If she wants to give you a break...she will do it!) Well...she's called back, alright...repeatedly...but only to torture me with hang-ups and/or dead air.

How immature is that? I can't believe that she has nothing better to do with her time than to prank call me...most recently about five minutes ago. Does she think I don't know it's her? I'm getting tired of her crap...and I worry that the down time brought upon by her upcoming retirement will only increase her ridiculous shenanigans.

I have complained to my colleagues many times about this nuisance...but have been met with, if you can believe it, skepticism. So I took a picture of the caller ID as proof:
Oprah...if you're reading this...(and I'm SURE you are)...give it up. I'm hip to your game, and quite frankly, I'm tired of it.

Unless you really HAVE heard of my awesomeness and are hoping to give me my big break. If that's the have my number.

Sunday, February 7, 2010


Let's Go, Colts!

(Yes, that IS a Peyton Manning finger puppet that I made this afternoon. It's probably my most impressive craft project of all time. Seriously.)