Monday, July 27, 2009

Camping With The Girls...With Minimal Photographic Evidence

On Friday, Kristi had an amazing idea that we should go camping with some of our BFFs who no longer live in Laramie...and because they are totally awesome, they were up for it right away. Val drove from Salt Lake, while Kristi and I drove from Laramie, and we all met in Baggs, where Lacy lives now. As soon as we got to the campsite I took my camera out to find that it was dead. =( So...I had to take pictures with my phone. Which was also I couldn't take many. Talk about LAME. But Wyoming is freaking beautiful, even in only 2.0 megapixels.

We all had a blast and I was reminded how much fun it is having girlfriends around. Don't get me wrong...boys have their perks...but nothing beats a good old fashioned girls weekend. Even if you don't get pictures of the girls.

P.S. I took my camera out this afternoon to see if I could get some pictures off of it...and then remembered that it was dead. Upon opening the battery slot, I figured out what my problem really was:

Yep. I am THAT smart.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

And Then I Went to San Diego

So…I realize I go to California a lot, so I thought I’d share a dozen things that I learned and/or were unique about this most recent trip.

1. If you are a Disneyland fanatic and think you can resist going there on a trip to California, it’s not going to work. You’re going to go to Disneyland whether you like it or not. Luckily you like it.

2. Security on Amtrak is WAY more lax than security on planes. And by “more lax,” I mean that there is no apparent security on Amtrak.

3. Even if you’ve worn the same shoes to Disneyland 4 times previously without incident, it doesn’t mean you’re not going to get a blister the size of Space Mountain on the ball of your foot. Or, the size of a quarter. One of the two.

4. Coronado Ferry Landing would have you believe that they have a Cupcakery. Even the thought of a cupcakery is a delight! If you go in the next couple of days though, it won’t be open, so get ready for some heartache.

5. When your sister tells you the tram at Balboa Park stops at every museum, this translates into “There are 25 museums here, spread over about 15 blocks, and this tram has a total of 3 stops. Get ready to walk, Gimpy Blistered Foot Girl.”

6. The “Body Worlds” exhibit at the Museum of Natural History (I think) is 80% amazing, 10% interesting, 7% creepy, and 3% anatomically correct at unnecessary times.

7. If you have to wait a while to get into Pizza Nova…don’t you worry…it’s worth it.

8. The sand on the beach at the Coronado Naval Base is hot enough to make your already blister riddled feet cry.

9. Just because the sand is hot and your skin is boiling, doesn’t mean that the ocean water isn’t going to be so cold that your feet will ache like you’re standing in a snow drift.

10. There is a restaurant called Islands that has the best burgers ever. Right up there with Five Guys. I lasted until minute 58 of an hour long dinner before I dribbled down my shirt.

11. There is a place called Yogurt World in the street racing district. If you can get over the feeling that you’re an extra in the next The Fast and The Furious movie, it’s a dream. They charge by weight, though…so even if you think you’re just going to try “a little” of each kind, get ready to pay 12 dollars for your bucket of yogurt. 12 dollars well spent, mind you.

12. My sister is pretty long suffering. Driving me and my friends all over town at all hours of the day and night…she never complained once. At least not out loud.

I did take some pictures out there…but not as many as I thought I would…and mostly just of scenery. Images of me with a humidity induced sweat-bomb face and stupid curly hair should never be captured on film. Or memory card. Here are some images, though, of the pretty things in San Diego:

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

This is my SAN DIEGO, HERE I COME face! Woohoo! Leaving in like two minutes!

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Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Happy Birthday, Mom!

Today is my mom's birthday. My mom is the best example of unconditional love that I could have ever gotten in my life. There is nothing that she wouldn't do, if it's within her power, for the people that she loves. And she loves a lot of people. And they love her back! She practices selfless service every day, and nothing makes her happier than doing things for other people. I've learned so much from her...(though I've yet to master her kindness and generosity, I fear!)...and I'm grateful to have such an amazing mom to take care of me. Happy Birthday, Mom!!

Monday, July 13, 2009

Is It Worse To Be A Dork...Or An Idiot?

You know…because I’m generally a mean spirited person, I’ve always inwardly chuckled when I’ve seen folks riding their bikes with one of those cuffs their pant leg…or even worse…a rubber band. I mean…fashion first, right? Nothing cool about pegged pants, right?

I guess, though, that riding along with one pegged pant leg is preferable to riding along, innocently, and then realizing that your pants are being pulled down, because as you were riding, you didn’t realize that your baggy, too long for bike riding, loosey goosey exercise pants were getting wrapped around your pedal with every turn all the way down the road from your house. And then you realize that when you want to stop, and take your foot off the pedal, you won’t be able to…because your foot is wrapped up inside the pants that are wrapped repeatedly around the pedal. So…you screech to a stop and kind of topple your bike to the ground, and hop around on one foot, while you try to disentangle your pant leg. And it’s not working. And you come to a realization that you are either going to have to cut your pants off...or take your pants off…in the middle of the street…because you cannot get that freaking leg untangled from the pedal. And let’s face it…you’re not taking your pants off. You might swear a little bit. You might break into a cold sweat. You might call your friend who lives around the corner, to see if she can come with some sharp scissors and a non-judgmental smile. But she won’t have her phone with her. So…you’ll stand there. Hunched over, on one leg, while the other juts out in front of you…attached to a pedal. While people drive by and pretend not to notice that you’re the biggest idiot on the block. Or maybe they’re just used to you being the biggest idiot on the block.

Finally…a surge of adrenaline born from not-so-quiet desperation will allow you to rip your pants free…but not before you make a mental note that pegged pants aren’t the worst thing that could happen to a girl. Logically, you’ll realize that public humiliation will trump them every time.

Not that I’ll ever wear one of those dorky cuffs. I mean…seriously.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

All Grown Up

So...I realized, while looking at the calendar, that this week marks my fifth anniversary at my current job. In other words, I have been at my current job longer than I have ever been at a job in my entire life. And...I still enjoy my job, and unless that long-shot application for the position of "The Girl Who Hangs Out With Johnny Depp, Not To Steal Him From His Common Law Wife, But Rather To Try To Revel In His Absolute Coolness" pans out, I have no reason to change jobs in the near future. I'm a little freaked out. It almost sounds like I have a career. Isn't this what adults do?


Monday, July 6, 2009

And Then I Bought A Bike

Melancholy is incompatible with bicycling. ~James E. Starrs

I honestly don't even know who James E. Starrs is...but man...he really knew his stuff.

Last week I bought a bike...(that's the one, up there!)...and I'm telling you has been the GREATEST investment ever! I just love it. Like the quote just makes me happy! I feel like it totally takes me back to being a kid again, and it never stops being fun. I've gone on rides almost every day/evening since I bought it...(some days, over the weekend, I went on several, with Kristi and Tyler. So much fun!!)...including one where we got stuck riding in the rain. My hair didn't enjoy that ride too much......but the rest of me LOVED it!

If you've forgotten the joys of riding a bike...I strongly recommend picking it up again! If you can manage to stay out of the rain, might be a good thing...if only for your vanity. :)