Thursday, June 21, 2007

Walking On the Wild Side

So...the other day...maybe last week, I was at the store and I needed a new t-shirt for some reason...just a spur of the moment, it didn't really matter what it looked like t-shirt. And I found this green shirt. And I bought it. And...driving home, I thought "You don't have one single green shirt...and there's probably a reason. You're going to hate it! What a waste of money!"

As it turns's like my new favorite shirt. I just love it. I don't generally like to talk myself up...(yeah right!)...but it's a REALLY good color on me. I'd like to wear the shirt every day for the rest of my life...but I tried that once with a sparkly unicorn shirt when I was 8, and my mom kind of got mad at me.

Moral of the story...just because you don't do something now...doesn't mean you won't love doing something. Trying something new could be the best thing that ever happened to you!

Tuesday, June 5, 2007

The Telltale Heart

Last night I took my nieces, Brittany, Shelly, and Sydney with me to my ward's Family Home Evening. The youngest of the three, Sydney, is eight. She's a little bit boy crazy...always has been. Close to the end of the evening, one the boys in one of the student wards was talking to her, and she somehow fell in love. It happens to the best of us...a cute boy shows us some attention, and BLAM!, we're falling fast.

Well, needless to say, when a crush has been developed...there is only one thing to be done. Steal that cute boy's hat. Admit've done it. It seems like such a harmless thing...there is no way that he will know our true intentions...and yet, he'll see how fun-loving we are...AND we get to carry around his smelly old hat. It's the perfect plan!

Her would be boyfriend caught on quickly, however, and chased her around the room, yelling "who's flirting with me??" Of course this delighted her to no end...playing chase with the boy of your dreams...what could be better? Well, chasing turned into wrestling, wrestling turned into more chasing...and needless to say, any girl would be...was in 7th Heaven.

I thought about the evening as I drove the girls home...and listening to them all giggling about Sydney's escapades, I realize that girls really never change. We may get older and pretend that we're wiser...but's all about doing whatever we can to get a boy to chase us. And if we can get him to think that it was his idea...well, that's even better.