Thursday, March 26, 2009

Do You REALLY Love College Basketball?

So...those of you who know me...(and I guess that's pretty much all of you since I made this thing private...hahaha) probably already know how much I LOVE College Basketball. March Madness just makes me happy. And it's a nice diversion to keep my totally impatient mind from obsessing too much about how I wish my Disneyland trip were tomorrow instead of in 21 days, 15 hours, 32 minutes...etc.

With that in mind...this video made me laugh...I love me some hoops...but I don't know if I could handle THIS bracket...

NCAA Expands March Madness To Include 4,096 Teams

Wednesday, March 18, 2009


So…the other night I went to a game with Kristi and Tyler.  Kristi and I have season tickets right next to each other, and Tyler just gets a general admission child’s ticket when he comes.  Our seats are in a generally non-crowded section, so it’s never a problem to have Tyler sit with us.  This game was no different.  Since the game was during spring break, it was even less crowded than usual, actually.  There were TONS of empty seats all around us.  It’s cool when we’re in kind of an empty section, because Tyler likes to run around, and we can put our coats and bags and Tyler’s pizza and whatever in the seats around us.  It’s not necessary…but it’s nice.

Anyway…we were sitting there, when a guy and a girl came up to me and said, “Can we get our seats?”  The gal was seriously SO irritated, I could tell…like, visibly angry at us…because apparently, their seats were, say, 10 and 11…and we were in 11, 12, and 13.  (12 & 13 are Kristi’s and my regular seats.)  I am honestly not exaggerating about the amount of seats that were available around us.  Seriously…rows and rows of empty seats were behind and in front of us…seats were available on both sides of us.  WHY in the crap did they have to throw a fit and make us move?  Not that it was a huge deal to move…but it was their attitude about making us move.  Ridiculous.  Had it been me, I would have just gone down about 10 rows, where there were tons of empty seats, (I don’t know if I’d mentioned how many empty seats there were) and enjoyed the game from that much closer than I’d planned.

People are so weird.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

What Goes Around...

So…in my life…from time to time…you MIGHT find that I make fun of stupid people.  Sometimes.  I mean…you might not even notice it.  It’s pretty rare.

Okay, joke’s over…you all know that I freaking HATE stupid people.  And I mean…who is really to say who is actually stupid, and who isn’t stupid…everyone is smart in their own way at their own things, right?  Right.  I get that.  But freaking common knowledge and common sense…we should all have that.  People shouldn’t volunteer to teach a college History class for me…and then be shocked…SHOCKED…when I tell them that they need to have a Master’s Degree in History to even be considered.  Or you know…even ANY type of schooling in History.  Seriously?  That’s just stupid.  And I hate it.  I hate THAT kind of stupidity.  When people just don’t think.  When they don’t listen.  UGH.  When they don't have common sense. And I make fun of those kinds of people…mercilessly.  End of story.

Well…I became my perfect victim today.  I think it’s called Karma or something.  I’m a jerk to people who are idiots…and then…I become an idiot.  I get it.

I had a gal call me today…

“Hey, Janine, it’s Heather…”

“Hey, Heather…how are you?”

“I’m great…how are you?”

“Really good, thanks…HOW ARE YOU?”



I’m so annoyed with myself right now.  What was my plan?  To continue asking her how she was until she gave up and left me alone?

“So, Janine…I was wondering if I could schedule a room.”

“Sure…and…How are you?”

I’ve had people do this to me before…and I’ve slapped them silly in my mind for proving to me that they aren’t even paying attention to what they are saying…let alone what I’m saying…because they are repeating themselves.  Which is another pet peeve of mine.  Repeaters.  And I became one today.  I’m an idiot.  I get it.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

It's A Numbers Game

So…I find that, lately, I am constantly counting down until something happens. Like…counting down until that glorious moment pretty much consumes me. SO…I thought, to put a little twist in my life…live a little crazily…that I would see if I could count UP to that glorious thing. So…with no further ado…here are the things that come to mind when I think of the numbers leading up to my “I’m counting down” number. :)

1…is the number of days until Wyoming plays New Mexico in the Mountain West Tournament. GO POKES!!
2…is the number of days I have to wait for the weekend. I love my job, but I pretty much live for the weekend.
3…is the number of episodes of The Unit that I watched last night. I really love that show! LOVE it…
4…is the number of siblings I have.
5…is the lower end of the percentage range that we are expected to try to cut our budget by here at work. People are freaking out. I don’t know if it makes me optimistic or just stupid that I’m not worried about my job.
6…is the number of changes I have to make to the “I’m totally done, I’m not making any more changes” Fall schedule today. At least 6 is the number that I’m aware of right now.
7…is the number of lip glosses I have in my purse right now. (Okay, technically it’s 6 now, because as I was counting, I said “oooh, bubbleminty!” and took that one out and put it on my desk.)
8…is the number of days until the NCAA Tournament begins. OH, I LOVE MARCH MADNESS!! the number of calls I have taken at my desk today.
10…is the number of minutes that I overslept today. Somehow I still made it to work before I usually make it to work.
11…is the number, on a scale of one to ten, that represents how annoyed I am with XM Radio today.
12…is the number of people I have worked with, (who worked specifically in my office), since I’ve been at my current job.
13…is how old I was when I broke my back falling over a chair while dancing in the basement when I was supposed to be doing laundry.
14…is the number of nieces and nephews I have.
15…is the number of emails that is currently in my inbox.
16…is the number of high fives I’d like to give Aaron right now, as he just messaged me and offered to teach for me this weekend when we have combined wards. I love teaching, but love a week off just as much!
17…is how old I was when I owned up to how I really broke my back instead of telling everyone that I had no idea how it could have happened.
18…is the number of surveys I have to do in classes this semester. I’ve done 3 so far and I’m sick of them already.
19…is how many post-its and/or notes I have stuck to the perimeter of my monitor.
20…is the number of minutes that I tanned today...and without a single mishap.
21…is the number of times I have looked at the clock since I got back from lunch, thinking it should be 5:00 already!
22…is the number of people who are on my distribution list at work. They get a LOT of emails from me.
23…is Brandon Ewing’s number. Brandon is leaving the Cowboys at the end of this season, and I’m totally depressed. I love that guy!
24…is the best show EVER.
25…is the number of chapters my book will have, if I ever freaking finish it. At least…I THINK that’s how many it will have. That’s the plan right now…according to my super organized outline.
26…is the total number of calls I have on my call log on my new phone.
27…is the age that I think of myself being…all the time. Like, time stopped for me on my golden birthday.
28…degrees is the temperature right now. Too cold, if you ask me. BUT…it’s warmer than it was yesterday.
29…is the number of pencils in my pencil mug.
30…is the number of minutes I have until I go into my annual evaluation with my boss.
31…is the number of classes that I don’t have instructors for on my Fall schedule. Things that aren’t going to happen for another 5 months should not have the power to stress me out this much!
32…is the number of Grape, Cherry, and Fruit Punch pour in things I have in my side drawer. I pretty much drink those things all day long.
33…is the number of “Cars” that I have on my shelf here at work, including 6 different Lightning McQueens. People always comment about how huge my collection is. Little do they know that I probably only have about a third of those that have actually been released.
‘34…was the year that my favorite Disney character…Donald Duck…was created!
35…is the number of cents I have in my desk drawer.

And finally…the number you’ve all been waiting for…(or at least the one I have!!)…

36…is the number of full days I have to wait until I get to leave for Disneyland. I CAN’T WAIT!!

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Blowin' In The Wind

So,  yesterday I was driving back to work after lunch, and noticed something out of the corner of my eye.  There, blowing freely in the slipstream of my super cool Grand Am, was the molding strip from around my windshield.  Like, flying off of my car.  I wanted to die!  I mean, I know there are nicer cars out there than mine…but I don’t want a car that is falling apart.  I rolled down the window at the stop light, and shoved the molding back into place…only to have it go flying again about 3 seconds after I’d started driving again.  Ugh.  So…I rolled the window down again, (thank goodness we’ve been having unseasonable warm weather) and drove to work with my hand out my window, holding the molding in place.  Yeah…because I didn’t want to look stupid or anything.  Anyway…I got to work and called the GM place, and made an appointment to have it fixed this morning.  I just couldn’t bear the thought of driving around with an embarrassing looking car.  Even for one day. 

Well, I got it back a while ago, and it’s all fixed.  And I have to leave the bright green, totally un-embarrassing looking tape all down my windshield for 2 days.  Sweet.

Monday, March 2, 2009


So…I know that this probably makes me a bad person, but I can’t help but enjoy it a little bit when I’m really self conscious around someone, and I’m freaking out, because I’m on the verge of doing something fairly embarrassing…and then they, instead, do something TOTALLY embarrassing.  And even though I end up doing my thing…their thing still trumped my thing.  Yeah…that’s pretty much the best.


And no…I can’t give you any more details than that…because, even though my embarrassing thing was the lesser of the two embarrassing things…I still don’t want to talk about it…because, well…it would be embarrassing. 


If you have my number, and you really want to know THAT badly…call me…I might tell you.  : )

o/~ UPGRADE! o/~

If you can’t learn life lessons from a Bootylicious Diva like Beyonce, I don’t know where you’re going to learn them. I mean, seriously. And, as Beyonce has wisely advised us…sometimes, you just need to know when an Upgrade is in order.

That being said, as I don’t have the need to Upgrade my man right now…I felt that the only thing I had left to upgrade was my phone. So long, LG-VX9400, aka “that swivelly phone that Iron Man has,” and hello, LG enV2, aka “that phone that Wonder Woman (or, for the uninformed, Kristi) has!”