Monday, September 21, 2009

Well... was bound to happen sooner or later. I do live in Wyoming, after all.

I woke up to the first snowfall of the fall. Or, as I like to call it, the first of many times that I have to clean my freaking car off when I'm already running 10 minutes late.

I always cross my fingers for later...rather than sooner. I wouldn't mind if it snowed on Christmas Eve, and Christmas Eve alone. But...nothing ever turns out how I want it to.

Friday, September 18, 2009

My Current Battle

So in case you've been checking my blog daily and then cursing to yourself at the sight of the angry tooth pirate guy...again...then you should know that when a girl is in the midst of an epic battle, against ruthless and terrifying foes, in defense of her territory, she cannot be bothered to blog.

Translation: I've got mice. Effing mice. Oh, how I hate them. And I know it's all Fall's fault...stupid cooler weather...but I hate seeing them...they make my skin crawl. It might be even worse when I don't see them...but I HEAR them...ugh...not knowing where they are...expecting them to swarm out of the walls and crawl up my leg and kill me. least poop on my floor. Not sure which is worse. But I'm living a nightmare right now. In case you care.

Mice, of course, do not prevent me from blogging at all. I'm just lazy, I think...but, also, other than the screams and squeals that I emit when I see the little buggers, I've got nothing of real entertainment value to report. So why report the mice? Well...basically,I saw another one last night and felt like whining about it. And, if you don't like listening to me whine...or reading my whiney words, I probably wouldn't EVER read my blog in the first place. :)

I've attached a video of a casualty from my first battle of the week:

At the time, I was hoping he was a loan scout, and that when he didn't return, the other mice would realize that I was a foe that was not to be tested...and clear off. Instead, I think he was kamikazi-esque soldier sent as a sacrifice to distract me while the others set up camp.

Don't worry...I've got my game face on...I'm sure that I'll be victorious in the end. If you don't hear from me for a least you'll know I'm bravely caught up in a valiant cause...even if I'm squirming and screaming the whole time.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

My Greatest Fear reading my blog, one might think that my greatest fear is a bad hair day. Or perhaps, getting stuck inside a tanning bed. While those both rank in the top five, I have to admit that even higher on my list of greatest fears is going to the Dentist. I won't get into my long LONG story...because I'm sure you don't care...but the bottom line is that I've been to the dentist several times and not been numb when they've worked on me. I'm hard to numb. Which REALLY sucks.

But...after bouncing around, always afraid, and not really trusting anyone not to torture me for a while, I found a dentist who I really loved. He helped me get past my fear and always took care of me and got me numb and really got me to a good "I'm not terrified of the Dentist anymore" place.

And then...he retired.

And now...I have a toothache.

So...I have to go to someone new, and I HATE the thought of going to someone new. This is the worst day ever. Okay...not EVER. But this week...for sure.'s not to be ending up with a toothless smile is the GREATEST fear of any self-respecting vain girl like myself.

Cross your fingers that I'll survive.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

The Real Me

Just the other day I was sitting at work, and I was giving myself a mental pat on the back as I realized it had been quite a while since I’d spilled my drink across my desk. I’m not especially known for my grace…and spilling things is just one of those things that I do. But I sat there thinking that I’d turned over a new leaf…and let me tell you, it was gratifying.

So of course I totally spilled my water all over my desk this afternoon. I can’t be proud of myself for long before sabotaging it. It’s a subconscious desire to keep myself humble, I think.

After cleaning up the wet paper and setting my mouse pad out to dry, I realized my mouse wasn’t working as well as I wanted it to…you know…without a mouse pad. So I asked the gal I work with if we had any spare mouse pads in the storage closet. After telling me that we didn’t, and asking if I needed one permanently or temporarily, she pulled this out of her purse and gave it to me to use until mine dries out:


First off…do people do this? Carry spare mouse pads in their purses? I mean…if they DO…how did I miss out on this trend? I always thought that if I got caught with my Vin Diesel mouse pad in my purse I’d get laughed at. If only I had known…

Secondly…I feel a little weird showcasing a mouse pad featuring a deployed soldier and twin boys on my desk. You know? Not many people have such a mouse pad…unless they have even a remote connection to said soldier and said twins. Having it on my desk kind of feels like it would if I were caught buying a frame and just displaying the picture that it came with, and passing that happy looking couple off as my friends and/or family. I mean, how pathetic would that be?

All I’m saying is that I prefer that the pictures on my desk…including those featured on my mouse pad represent who I really am…nothing more...nothing less. Kind of like this one, that hangs on my office wall:

Misrepresenting yourself is so lame.