Monday, May 10, 2010

And Then I Bought A New Car

So...the weekend didn't go quite as I had expected. I knew that I was going to dye my roots were getting pretty out of control. I knew that I was going to watch a mini Golden Girls marathon, as I'd gotten the second season on DVD during the week, and seriously...that show NEVER gets unfunny.

One thing that I didn't know was that, on the way to play basketball with Kristi and Tyler, I would happen to spot a fun black Chevy Equinox during a quick stop at the GM dealership, and end up driving it home that afternoon.

But...that's what happened. Woohoo! I'm so so excited. Everything kind of fell together and it was way too easy breezy for me not to do it. :)

Here is the Equinox on the Dealership Lot:

And here it is, home in the driveway:

What a SUPER Saturday! :)

I'm considering "I want to go for a ride" requests as they come submit yours via email or blog comment today!


MetroParks said...

Can you pick me up for a joy ride on Saturday? We could go up to the falls in Niagra or take a quick trip to D.C. It is only 5 hours from here.

Rachael said...


Sweet ride! (And you couldn't look more fabulous in that driver's seat!)


And yes, I would like a ride too! Point those wheels west and just keep coming!